What might you want to know about me?


i love photography. always have, always will. after 20+ years, i still dream of imagery and make new photo goals every year. i get chills each time i view certain books, like Mario Testino's 'Portraits' or 'a Private View' by Sante d'Orazio. i'm an art lover and a fashion lover. i almost never "like" an image - i love it or i'm bored. so it makes sense that my own specialty is expressing sincere emotions in every photo. i know everyone can identify a good image. but can you feeeeeel it? did you learn something about the person in my portrait? did you want to be the girl standing there in the bikini? i want my work to speak with beauty and the human spirit. i want my photography legacy to be that my imagery was felt. you are paying me the big bucks to have your images separate from the crowd of instagram and iphones. i separate from the crowd by getting the intangible into the frame... sensuality, confidence, joy. 

thanks for browsing my site! i still use the phone so please call for a chat. yes, texting is fine, too, of course. instagram will show you some of my current and vintage favorites: @briechilders

please view my life[style] work on my other website: www.BrieLife.com and on instagram: @brieclife 



Princess Cruises, OLAY, Chan Luu, Luxe by Lisa Vogel, Ella Moss, Paul Mitchell, Vogue India, New Line Cinema, Maxim Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Bravo tv, HBO tv, Red Engine Jeans, Vitamin A Swimwear, Beach Bunny Swimwear, US Weekly, People Magazine, Sun Kitten Swimwear, Rocket Dog Footwear, Splendid, Christina Aguilera, Curtis Stone, Platform PR, Untitled Management, Playboy, Ed Hardy, Muscle and Fitness, and many lovely others.



These people (and plenty more!) have helped me build my career and I'm full of gratitude: Patty Beaudet-Frances, Chan Luu and her team, Toby Kaufmann, Joseph Viles, Welch Golightly, Lisa Vogel and the Raj team, Niki Schwan, Joel at The Designer Lab, Beth Holden-Garland, Angela Chittenden, Jennifer Daranyi, Trish Summerville, Steven Sollitto, Moriah Zagaglia, Jody Friedericks, Siri Garber, Kimber Allen, Craig Knight, Dehx, Erin Carrere, J Mims, Donna Wong, and most of all... my amazing husband and family.


All images © Brie Childers